My name is Charlotte, and I am a plural wife.

This site was launched in January 2018 as a place to discuss all things polygamy (a.k.a. plural marriage). If you are

  • interested in polygamy but would never practice it
  • interested in polygamy and think maybe you would practice it
  • a polygamist
  • a former polygamist

or even if you are simply

  • interested in the TV shows Sister Wives or Seeking Sister Wife

then this site is for you.

Here is a run-down of the different sections of the blog:

I am only experienced in some parts of plural marriage, so I invite guest writers to help me fill the gaps and liven the discussion. (Please use the contact form on the About page if you have something to contribute to this site.) Essays on plural marriage are in the “Plural Thoughts” section of this site.

One of the most exciting parts in my story was when I started to meet real live plural families. The ones I know are wonderful people! The husbands have to put in extra effort to keep his marriages together, the wives have to be extra loving to make it all work, and the children have even more parental support than in monogamous families. I would love to write about as many plural families as I can in the “Polygamists I Know” section of the site. Use the contact form below to suggest a family for me to write about.

Only a few years ago I was a member of the LDS Church, happily married (monogamously), and adamantly opposed to polygamy. How did I get here from there? I’ll answer that question in the “My Story” section of this site.

The site will also have a “Resources” section which will be a place to list books, blogs, articles, websites, YouTube videos, etc., which go along with the theme of the site. If you know of any resources that should be added to that page, let me know.

I comment on Seeking Sister Wife and Sister Wives in the “Reality TV Commentary” section of this site. I live in the house where Kody Brown and his (then) 3 wives were living in Seasons 1&2 of Sister Wives, and I’m friends with several of the people on Seeking Sister Wife, so I write from a unique perspective.

Some of the other contributors to the blog are:

  • Joshua (my husband)
  • Melissa (my sisterwife)
  • Zoe (my daughter)
  • Amber Sanders (one of the wives of the Mormon Renegade)
  • Taylor (our friend who was almost on Seeking Sister Wife; when he and his wife backed out, the Snowdens were cast instead)
  • Nate Richardson (our LDS friend who has a strong testimony that plural marriage is an eternal principle)
  • Jason (our close friend who has married plurally 3 times)
  • Orson Pratt (an apostle in the LDS Church in the 19th century who had 10 wives)
  • Natali Dilts (a teenaged “plyglet” or child of polygamy)
  • minnearminne (a plural wife who has welcomed a new sisterwife twice)
  • Tianna Foster (Enoch Foster’s oldest daughter; she has 3 moms and 20 siblings and her family was featured on Three Wives, One Husband)

I do not completely agree with any of the other contributors to the blog, and they are each responsible for their own articles, but I love hearing other points of view and correcting my own when I’m persuaded.

If you have questions/comments/suggestions, if you would like to be a contributor to this site, or if you just want to talk with me, please contact me. I would love to hear from you!

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