My Story

I grew up LDS. I was monogamous for 11 years. I used to detest polygamy, and at one point I was even convinced that Joseph Smith didn’t practice it and D&C 132 was fabricated by Brigham Young. Now I’m happily married to a man who has another wife, I live in a house with a layout meant for polygamists, and I have a blog about polygamy. How did I get here? Who is this person?  I never thought my life would turn out like this!

Here is my story, in bits and pieces, told as well as I know how to tell it. (Hyperlinks will continue to be added as the story is written.)

  • My faithful LDS upbringing
  • My courtship and monogamous marriage
  • Learning about problems with the LDS Church
  • Influential books/articles I’ve read
  • My desire to receive personal revelation and my failures and successes
  • My husband Joshua and me receiving revelations in harmony with each other while at the same time my best friend Melissa and me receiving seemingly conflicting revelations
  • Melissa and I giving each other a high five when we concluded we would never have to live polygamy
  • Melissa’s bad marriage ending and her ending up living with us
  • Mind-blowing, sickening revelations that Melissa was going to marry Joshua
  • Being amazed as I was taught that Joshua could be a fantastic plural husband
  • The First Conversation We Ever Had About It (which I opened by asking, “Joshua, are you going to marry Melissa?”)
  • The Most Awkward Conversation of All Time (the award goes to Joshua and Melissa)
  • Consecrating finances
  • Troubles with teenagers and my moving to a different house
  • The plural wedding
  • Getting used to sharing my husband and parenting alone half the time
  • Keeping it a secret and pretending everything was normal
  • Revealing the truth – mentioned in this post
  • First steps away from the LDS Church
  • Being betrayed by family members
  • Meeting other polygamists!
  • Getting excommunicated from the Church
  • Finding fellowship elsewhere
  • Buying the Sister Wives house
  • My sisterwife inducing lactation in order to help breastfeed our first plural baby
  • Becoming comfortable with the idea of having 3 wives
  • Asking another woman to court us
  • Being betrayed by friends
  • Overcoming challenges in our relationships
  • Finally living together

A little about me personally, in case you were wondering… I love Brazilian jiu jitsu, stargazing, dancing, math, playing the piano, organizing, and reading books to my children.

Melissa (my sisterwife) wrote a post about how her teenage children took the news that she was becoming a plural wife.  You can read it here.  She also wrote about what it was like being a secret wife in this post.

Joshua (our husband) wrote about our keeping polygamy a secret and the challenges of coming out to family and friends in his post titled “Hidden Wife, Hidden Life.