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Seeking Sister Wife commentary

  1. Episode 1: “Let the Seeking Begin!” (This is how it’s titled on, but on Amazon Video it’s called “Are Three Wives Better Than One?”)
    1. Commentary post #1: “Thank you for making breakfast, Aunt Vanessa
    2. Commentary post #2: “Are the Snowdens married?” (written by Joshua)
  2. Episode 2: “Risky Business”
    1. Commentary post #1: “Y’all have your own castle
  3. Episode 3: “Three’s Company or Three’s Crowd?”
    1. Commentary post #1: “You should know me by now
  4. Episode 4: “13 is Enough!” (If someone can explain this title, I’d appreciate any insight, because I’ve asked several people and still can’t figure it out.  The closest I can figure is that Auralee and Angela were taking care of 13 children in this episode.)
    1. Commentary post #1: “I don’t want to have a chart on the refrigerator
    2. Commentary post #2: “Dimitri and Joselyn” (written by Joshua)
  5. Episode 5: “Too Much Wrong, and Not Enough Right…”
    1. Commentary post #1: “Where Are the men?” (written by Joshua)
    2. Commentary post #2: “Morning sickness, midwives, and molar pregnancies
  6. Episode 6: “Blast From the Past”
    1. Commentary post #1: “Sampson” (written by Joshua)
  7. Episode 7: “Plural Lives Equals Happy Wives?”
    1. Commentary post #1: “Where will the Brineys live?” (written by Joshua)

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Enoch Foster is one of the husbands on the TV show Three Wives, One Husband.  His oldest daughter Tianna Foster shared some of her thoughts about plural marriage in the post “Not what social media would have you believe.