Reality TV Commentary

Seeking Sister Wife commentary

  1. Episode 1: “Let the Seeking Begin!” (This is how it’s titled on, but on Amazon Video it’s called “Are Three Wives Better Than One?”)
    1. Commentary post #1: “Thank you for making breakfast, Aunt Vanessa
    2. Commentary post #2: “Are the Snowdens married?” (written by Joshua)
  2. Episode 2: “Risky Business”
    1. Commentary post #1: “Y’all have your own castle
  3. Episode 3: “Three’s Company or Three’s Crowd?”
    1. Commentary post #1: “You should know me by now
  4. Episode 4: “13 is Enough!” (If someone can explain this title, I’d appreciate any insight, because I’ve asked several people and still can’t figure it out.  The closest I can figure is that Auralee and Angela were taking care of 13 children in this episode.)
    1. Commentary post #1: “I don’t want to have a chart on the refrigerator
    2. Commentary post #2: “Dimitri and Joselyn” (written by Joshua)
  5. Episode 5: “Too Much Wrong, and Not Enough Right…”
    1. Commentary post #1: “Where Are the men?” (written by Joshua)
    2. Commentary post #2: “Morning sickness, midwives, and molar pregnancies
  6. Episode 6: “Blast From the Past”
    1. Commentary post #1: “Sampson” (written by Joshua)
  7. Episode 7: “Plural Lives Equals Happy Wives?”
    1. Commentary post #1: “Where will the Brineys live?” (written by Joshua)

This isn’t exactly TV show commentary, but if you’re a fan of Sister Wives, you’ll be interested in my post: “What it’s like living in Kody Brown’s old house“.