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Why I don’t want my own reality TV show

Sister Wives

Season 17, Episode 1: The Couch (by my sisterwife Melissa)

If you’re a fan of Sister Wives, you’ll want to read my posts “What it’s like living in Kody Brown’s old house” and “Hot Showers“.

On a Sister Wives discussion group on Facebook, my friend responded to a comment criticizing polygamy in this post: “We Rock the Polygamy Life“.

We attended Mitch and Aspyn’s wedding reception, as shown on Sister Wives.  I wrote about it here.  In that post I also talk about my experience attending a Briney event that was being filmed for Seeking Sister Wife.

Seeking Sister Wife

Season 1

Episode 1: “Let the Seeking Begin!” (This is how it’s titled on, but on Amazon Video it’s called “Are Three Wives Better Than One?”)

Episode 2: “Risky Business”

Episode 3: “Three’s Company or Three’s Crowd?”

Episode 4: “13 is Enough!” (If someone can explain this title, I’d appreciate any insight, because I’ve asked several people and still can’t figure it out. The closest I can figure is that Auralee and Angela were taking care of 13 children in this episode.)

Episode 5: “Too Much Wrong, and Not Enough Right…”

Episode 6: “Blast From the Past”

Episode 7: “Plural Lives Equals Happy Wives?”

Season 2

Episode 1: “It’s Time to Start Seeking Again!”

Episode 2: “Failure to Launch”

Episode 3: “Coming Out Plural”

Episode 4: “Unforeseen Circumstances”

Episode 5: “Thou Shall Not Sext”

Episode 6: “The Waiting Game”

Episode 7: “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?”

Episode 8: “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”

Episode 9: “It’s Getting Steamy Up In Here!”

Episode 10: “One Wedding and a Funeral?”

Jeff Alldredge was married to Cynthia Alldredge for a long time before Vanessa and Sharis came along. Cynthia is now separated from the family and asked that she be left out of Seeking Sister Wife. The Alldredges respected her wishes but the gossip websites as well as interested people on social media still figured out the big secret. Joshua wrote about it here and here.

The Brineys weren’t a part of Seeking Sister Wife Season 2, and Joshua gives his opinion in this post. The Brineys were expecting to get paid for the filming they did, so TLC canceling them at the last minute was a financial hit. You can find out how to help them in this post. It’s not a fundraiser page but simply ways they’re earning money that you might be interested in.

Season 3

Episode 1: “Polygamist And Proud!” (premiered 03/22/2021)

Episode 2: “Irreconcilable Differences”

Three Wives, One Husband

Enoch Foster is one of the husbands on the TV show Three Wives, One Husband. His oldest daughter Tianna Foster shared some of her thoughts about plural marriage in the post “Not what social media would have you believe.” After the show aired, the Foster family had a housefire and the baby who was born on the show, Adonijah Foster, was tragically killed.