Polygamy Advice

Life and relationships can be difficult at times, and polygamy is no different.  Posts in this section offer advice to people and families living or contemplating plural marriage.  Of course, none of the advice given here is of a professional nature, and should not be considered a substitute for professional counseling if that is what is needed.  However, the advice given is from people who have had some experience with the difficulties of living in polygamous families.

Advice for a future/current second wife (from a first wife)

Advice For Potential Plural Husbands (From a Current Plural Husband)

Advice For Potential Plural Husbands (From a Current Plural Wife)

People and Things (advice about parenting and our attitude towards our relationships)

Polygamy’s Jealousies and the McGees

What to Expect When You Announce That You Have a Plural Family

Sexting Bernie & Equality (more about jealousy and the equal treatment of wives)

Time management (Family is Always First)

Avoiding Problems (Seeking Sister Problems)

Marriage Licenses and Security