The Biblical Families website and polygamy discussion forum.  I especially like the page that uses the Bible to answer Common Objections to Biblical Plural Marriage.  The site’s About page says:

We are a diverse group of Christian families that have come to the conclusion that the mainstream Western church is wrong about plural marriage (“teaching for doctrine the traditions of men”), that in fact plural marriage is not condemned or prohibited in the Bible, and that the criminalization of bigamy in the West has more to do with pre-Christian European culture than it has to do with anything Jesus or his apostles taught.

The LDS Anarchy blog has some stuff about plural marriage that is worth reading.  Here are a couple of posts about civil marriage.

The Briney family’s blog.  I like this post by Auralee about jealousy.  The Brineys were one of the families on Seeking Sister Wife (a reality TV show on TLC that aired beginning in January 2018).

Benjamin Shaffer’s blog (which is also the unofficial website of his fundamental Mormon sect).  He has some pieces on polygamy, including this interesting post about the outlawing of plural marriage in Jacob chapter 2.  (Fun fact: Benjamin is Drew Briney‘s law partner.)

Moroni Jessop’s blog.  He was a polygamist for 13 years and says he “has tried to change people’s perception of plural marriage as a valid lifestyle choice for consenting adults.”

The Winder family’s blog.

Here’s the blog of a Baptist guy who has a lot to say about traditional (Biblical) gender roles.  Very interesting stuff if that topic floats your boat.

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