For Gail

A while ago, there was a reader of this blog named Gail.  She had many good questions, which deserve good answers.  Unfortunately, the exchange of information in the comments section (mostly on this post about the McGees, but other places as well – including some email correspondence) became unproductive.  In response, I closed down the comments on that thread with a promise that she need not fear for lack of information, as I would respond thoroughly to all her comments in due time.

As anyone who has ever answered questions (and especially answered criticisms) knows, it is easier to ask questions than to answer them, and easier to criticize than make a defense.  Nevertheless, I will here make an attempt.  My responses may not be in chronological order, but I do plan to make them thoro.  So have no worries, Gail, I will get to all of your points eventually.  Some of the posts on here will cover some of the material already included in my comments to Gail, but will be here organized by topic so that the information can stay focused without sprawling too much.

A final note, I do intend to attempt to make my answers as factual and respectful as possible.  However, please note that I do disagree with Gail on many points (tho not on all points).  Therefore, my writing may come across as insulting, or contentious to some, and I suppose this is entirely unavoidable in some degree.  After all, the very existence of my family, other families like mine, and our views on the subject, are offensive to some people.  What can you do?

“They Must Have Been Raised in Polygamy”