The Sock Hop

So you think you have sock problems?  I promise they are nothing like ours.

You see, I buy socks for the husband, and I wear his socks too – because they’re good socks from Costco. So he wears the socks I get for him, but drops them off in the laundry at Charlotte’s house and they don’t come back to me for I don’t know how long because she also provides socks to him, but they’re not the socks I wear.  So, I find that I rapidly run out of socks because they could be anywhere.  Joshua’s drawer at my house, my laundry, Charlotte’s laundry, Joshua’s drawer at Charlotte’s house or maybe even Charlotte’s drawer, because she might be wearing them too –  and I hope she is because they are good socks from Costco.

Plus I’m getting socks from Charlotte’s house that are not the socks I have purchased. And let’s not forget the multiple washing machines eating them, or the misplacement of clean socks into someone else’s drawer – because I have not announced that I’ve purchased new socks, and the child doing laundry has no idea where they came from or where they go. I believe there is a pair or two in a brother’s drawer.

I brought all of this up with other family members yesterday, and tonight Charlotte presented me with a pile of socks that she only has one of.

Sock Hop.jpg


I know that at for least three of them, I have mates in my box of lonely socks. Likely, it’s both of our washers eating them, and we have enough to have more pairs of monogamous socks.

So anyway, there is a glimpse into the lives of polygamist sock drawers.  And speaking of socks, I’m going to get some more of those socks. Crew, blue and gray. They are great!


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