Help the Briney Family

Want to help the Briney Family?  Being cut from the show was an unexpected financial hit for them all.

Buy a book from Drew.  He is a prolific author and has several titles including both fiction and non-fiction.  You can see his selection here.  You’re almost sure to find something there that interests you; if not, then his books would make great gifts for friends, family, and neighbors.  Someone you know is bound to be interested in either dragons or Mormon fundamentalism (or both), right?  He’s coming out with more books all the time.

Or, if you or someone you know has a new child, or is expecting one, then consider Angela’s new store, Lenny & Me.  They have some very high quality items.  My personal favorites are the books.  They are amazing!  They are indestructible! Ok, scissors or matches could probably do the trick, but they are impervious to chewing or tearing pages (something my current toddler is extremely proficient at).  They put old fashioned board books to shame!

And, if you are in Utah, you should consider coming to April’s “Paint Night”.  You can read about it on Facebook or Instagram.  She only has a few slots, but who knows, if there is enough interest, she might schedule another one of these soon.  She is an amazing artist (we have one of her pieces) and teacher as well.  The opportunity is yours to have a personal lesson from April.  And if you can’t make it to the paint night for whatever reason, but are interested in April’s artwork, then check out her Instagram page.  She sells her art, and if she doesn’t have what you are looking for you can commission her to create the art you want (new baby portrait, wedding day, Grandparents 60th wedding anniversary, whatever).

Check it out and spread the word.

6 thoughts on “Help the Briney Family

    1. I think that is excellent advice actually! I also know that they are doing everything they can at the moment in that direction, and I have no doubt that things will work out for them. This is just a new, and unexpected situation that they are all in, and a little help would be appreciated. I would also point out that no one has asked for charitable hand-outs, but the tone of your comment seems to imply that this is what happened.
      In every case, the suggestions I made were to freely exchange money for goods or services. On a fundamental level this is the very definition of what “jobs” are. That aside, please feel no obligation to buy one of Drew’s books if you are not interested, or to attend a painting class from April if you are allergic to canvas (or wherever your reasons may be). I’m just making people aware of some things that may be mutually beneficial to both parties. And, since most people reading this are not going to be in a position to help them by offering them a “real job”, I thought perhaps they could be of help by being a customer for them instead. It’s just my way of trying to do something useful and helpful.

      James 2:15-16

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    1. You are quite correct. However, she is still a Briney (so helping the Briney family is not inaccurate), and she could still use help from anyone interested in helping her. This has been a financial hit for her as well as the rest of the Brineys.

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