It’s Getting Steamy Up In Here! (Or What do Yoni Steaming and Seances Have in Common?)

There are some episodes of SSW, that I simply have no comments for.  Words fail me.

Between yoni steaming and getting text messages from dead people (you can’t make this stuff up – fact is stranger than fiction!),  I am forced to bow in humility before TLC and confess that I am not worthy to be reality TV material.

yoni steam

7 thoughts on “It’s Getting Steamy Up In Here! (Or What do Yoni Steaming and Seances Have in Common?)

    1. Haha. I know. It is just about the craziest thing I have ever seen or heard. There is a lot that could be said, I just don’t have any polygamy related commentary about her or the situation. I guess the takeaway lesson, whether monogamous or polygamous, is: Don’t date or marry crazy people, or chronic liars.


    1. Sorry if this post wasn’t helpful 😁. It was just meant to be funny. There are many other serious posts about the show on this blog. I hope you can find something else more helpful here.


      1. Your Blog is very helpful. Just wondering if new potentials watching the show were thinking the 21 day diets and steaming are more reasons for them to avoid a plural marriage.


        1. It’s good to hear that this blog is helpful. As for the detox diet and steaming, those were entirely new things to me! They are certainly not routine practices among polygamists that I know, nor any monogamists that I know for that matter.

          As for whether those are reasons to avoid plural marriage, I suppose that would be up to the individual. This world has all kinds of people, and who knows, maybe there is a hard-core, vaginal steaming enthusiast out there, that would be thrilled to join a plural family of other steaming enthusiasts.


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